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About The Festival

Belfast XR Festival (BXRF) is an annual gathering for the XR arts – storytelling, visual arts, music, drama, dance, literature and theatre.

It showcases a rich selection of experiences from creators working at the forefront of XR which includes 360 film, interactive virtual and augmented reality and screen based installations.

BXRF highlights the enormous diversity and vibrancy of the ever-growing international immersive and expanded realities arts scene, from high-profile international filmmakers who are experimenting with new technologies, to new works from some of the most exciting emerging talent in the field.

Each year’s programme will consider specific pertinent issues of our time from a hugely diverse range of perspectives and art forms.

About Deepa Mann-Klerr

Deepa Mann-Kler is the Chief Executive of Neon and Visiting Professor of Immersive Futures with Ulster University.

She specialises in the use of immersive technologies for health. 

As a TEDx speaker and thought leader she regularly keynotes on the intersection of digital transformation, technical innovation, inclusion, ethics, bias, data and AI. Deepa is author of the first report on race discrimination with policy recommendations for the public sector in Northern Ireland “Out Of The Shadows.” 

As an artist Deepa has a strong focus on public art light installations, notably Light Up Leicester 2020, Lumiere Durham 2019, London 2016 & 2013 in Derry/Londonderry UK City of Culture.  

Deepa founded Belfast XR Festival in 2022 with a mission to “create an unmissable annual gathering for XR that inspires storytelling and our passion is to bring the best global virtual and augmented reality content to new local audiences.”

Our Team

David Hill

BXRF Company Director

Deepa Mann-Kler

Festival Director

Eva Robinson

BXRF Company Director

Hugh Odling-Smee

Project Manager

Lucy Baxter

VR Film Maker

Mary Lindsay

Head Of Marketing

Michele Devlin

Festival Director

Rose Baker

Programmer (UK & Ireland)

What Is Extended Reality?

Extended Reality (XR) stands at the forefront of digital innovation, merging the physical and virtual worlds to create experiences beyond the boundaries of our imagination.

As the umbrella term for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), XR represents the next leap in immersive technology.

Virtual Reality (VR): A New Dimension of Experience

Imagine stepping into a world where the impossible becomes possible. VR transports you into a computer-generated environment that’s so realistic, it feels as though you’re actually there. 

From exploring distant galaxies to walking through historical events, VR’s fully immersive experiences allow you to live out your dreams in a digital realm. 

Whether you’re plunging into fantasy landscapes or simulating real-world scenarios, VR offers an unparalleled depth of engagement.

Augmented Reality (AR): Blending Digital with the Real World

AR brings a layer of magic to your everyday life by overlaying digital information onto the real world. Through the lens of your smartphone or tablet, static environments come alive with interactive, digital elements that coexist with your physical surroundings. 

Imagine pointing your device at a painting and watching its story unfold before your eyes, or navigating a city with historical figures as your guides. AR transforms the mundane into the extraordinary, enhancing reality with a touch of digital wonder.

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