Coming February/March 2025

Belfast XR Festival is delighted to be the lead partner for In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats.

In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats takes audiences on a multi-sensory joyride into the past, bringing to life the stories of the promoters, police officers, and rave-goers, whose rivalries and relationships drove a revolution in music and society. The multi-sensory room-scale interactive VR enables participants to feel the anticipation, trepidation, excitement, and euphoria that was Acid House.


Being Human - A TEDx Talk by Belfast XR Founder Deepa Mann-Kler

Being Human reflects on Deepa’s personal and professional journey into the world of immersive technologies and the therapeutic benefits of virtual reality and pain management. She shares her insights into how as you begin to explore the capabilities of technology, the more important the question and answer of what it is to be human becomes.

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