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Wednesday 28th February & 
Thursday 29th February 2024


Offering attendees the chance to experience world history in captivating ways allowing audiences to step into the past, interact with historical figures, and explore significant events firsthand.

Belfast XR Festival (BXRF) is an annual gathering for the XR arts - storytelling, visual arts, music, drama, dance, literature and theatre.

It showcases a rich selection of experiences from creators working at the forefront of XR which includes 360 film, interactive virtual and augmented reality and screen based installations.

BXRF highlights the enormous diversity and vibrancy of the ever-growing international immersive and expanded realities arts scene, from high-profile international filmmakers who are experimenting with new technologies, to new works from some of the most exciting emerging talent in the field.

Each year’s programme will consider specific pertinent issues of our time from a hugely diverse range of perspectives and art forms.

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2024 Programme of Events


Stay Alive, My Son

Length of event: 60 minutes

Embark on a heart-wrenching voyage of survival with Stay Alive My Son, an epic cinematic journey spanning 45 years.

Based on the internationally acclaimed memoirs of Pin Yathay, this immersive story thrusts audiences into the poignant shoes of a father facing unimaginable choices during the Cambodian genocide.

Don't miss your chance to witness this gripping tale of love, sacrifice and resilience.

By purchasing tickets for Stay Alive, My Son you also have access to 45 minutes to see Flow, SEN or Emperor.



Length of event: 20 minutes

Step into the realm of eternity with Eternal, a mesmerising 20 minute audio journey designed exclusively for one person, in the comfort of their own bed.

Delve into the profound exploration of eternal life and contemplate the sacrifices one might make for immortality. Commissioned by the prestigious Bram Stoker Festival, Eternal promises an unforgettable experience.

Don’t you want to unlock the secrets of immortality?

By purchasing tickets for Eternal you also have access to 45 minutes to see Flow, SEN or Emperor


GAUDI, The Atelier of the Divine

Length of event: 20 minutes

Experience the awe-inspiring wonder of Gaudi's visionary creations in an immersive 20 minute spectacle.

Designed for small groups of 6, you will have the freedom to explore a shared space like never before. 

Embark on a journey filled with enchantment and cultural discovery.

By purchasing tickets for GAUDI, The Atelier of the Divine you also have access to 45 minutes to see Flow, SEN or Emperor



Length of event: 15 minutes

Enter the mystical realm of the traditional Japanese tea room, where you'll meet SEN, the tea spirit.

As disaster strikes and SEN dissolves into the universe, it discovers unity with all beings, bringing calm to the tea room.

Join us for this enchanting tale of resilience and interconnectedness.

Tickets: SEN may only be seen if you have purchased a ticket for Stay Alive My Son, Eternal or GAUDI



Length of event: 40 minutes

Join us for Emperor, a captivating virtual reality experience that delves into the mind of a father grappling with aphasia.

Witness the poignant journey of a daughter striving to connect with her speechless father, uncovering the depths of his memories along the way.

Through surreal animation, explore the enigmatic landscape of aphasia, step by step, as we unravel the untold story within.

Don't miss this poetic exploration of loss, time and enduring bonds. Are you ready for an unforgettable emotional odyssey?

Tickets: Emperor may only be seen if you have purchased a ticket for Stay Alive My Son, Eternal or GAUDI



Length of event: 15 minutes


Immerse yourself in Flow, where you'll be swept away by the winds through what appears to be an ordinary day filled with turbulence.

Encounter the sensations of smells, heat and breath, as the air currents unveil hidden presences and reveal captivating events in the life of a woman.

Dive into a world crafted entirely from air, where every gust tells a story.

But as the storm subsides and the woman awakens from her dream, you'll discover that the world has been forever changed.

Tickets: Flow may only be seen if you have purchased a ticket for Stay Alive My Son, Eternal or GAUDI

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