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We need your help. We are writing to inform you of an exciting new festival taking place in Belfast for the first time. The Belfast XR Festival takes place for one day on Wednesday, 9th November 2022 at The Black Box, Hill Street, Belfast. Belfast XR is part of the Belfast Film Festival running from 3 to 12 November 2022. Our ambition is to create an unmissable annual gathering for XR that inspires storytelling.

What is XR?
Everyone is talking about the metaverse but what does it mean? Virtual reality (VR) is a computer generated artificial environment with scenes that appear to be real, making a person feel as if they are immersed in their surroundings. 360° films, are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time. You watch virtual reality and 360° films through a headset. Augmented reality (AR) is a digital overlay onto the real world, which is viewed through your phone or an iPad. Extended Reality (XR) is the collective name for VR and AR.


Why do we need Volunteers?

This is our first year and we have a very small budget, but we have a number of really important roles, which include: 

  • meet and greet at reception

  • helping audience members with how to wear a virtual reality headset and headphones

  • explaining how to access experiences once the headset is on

  • removing the VR headset and headphones

  • and generally ensuring that each and every audience member has the best experience that they can

Will I be trained?

Yes we will provide the necessary training - it is not complicated and will not take long. We aim to do this on the day. 


What is in it for me? 

While we don't have the budget this year to pay, we will be holding the XR Festival again next year and hope to raise a higher budget. If you impress us this year, then you will be first on the list as we recruit people. On the day of the Festival we will take care of coffee, tea, water and food. And then of course, you will receive a free limited Festival T-shirt. And we want you to enjoy the day, so we hope you have fun. 


How long will I have to volunteer?

We are going to be opening the Festival from 9am and finishing at 9pm. We aim to have 8 volunteers for each 4 hour slots. So we would only want you for 4 hours. But if you would like to volunteer for more than 4 hours then please let us know. 


If you are interested in volunteering then please click the link below to email the Festival Director.

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